Cleat Fore/Aft position

Fore/aft cleat position has changed over the years as cycling shoes have become stiffer. While some cyclists find positioning the center of their cleat behind the ball of their foot (the big bump on the foot behind the big toe # 1) is comfortable, others place the center of the pedal spindle even closer to the bump (back from the pinky toe # 5) on the outside of the foot. In the illustration below, the center of the spindle is in between the middle of the 1st and 5th but closer toward the bump on the outside of the foot.

pedal for aft road bike fitting
If you feel a strain in your calf or Achilles tendon, move the cleat back toward the heel of the shoe. If you feel sore under the arch, you may need to move the cleat forward on the shoe.

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