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When having a ride in the rain or hot ride in the summer, your favorite cycling kit will need a wash sooner or later! Fortunately, bike clothing is easy to wash to make it clean and fresh for your next ride. You have to pay some special attention when you wash your bike clothing due to the use of the unique fabrics it may contain. We want to give some general tips to clean it the right way to ensure you can enjoy it for a long time. Tip 1 - Wash your new outfit by hand the first timeJust...

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If a carbon bicycle frame has been damaged, does the damage go beyond the area that you can see? The simple answer is "Yes". Carbon fibre is highly susceptible to a phenomenon called Barely Visible Impact Damage (BVID). The carbon fibre looks fine on the surface, but the structural integrity of the carbon fiber matrix has jeopardized. The amount of nonvisible damage will depend on the force and the type of impact. This BVID damage may exist as delamination or cracking within the carbon wall of the bicycle frame, and may propagate over time resulting in a catastrophic failure. The...

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