Tips for Washing and Caring for Your Cycling Clothing

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Tips for Washing and Caring for Your Cycling Clothing

When having a ride in the rain or hot ride in the summer, your favorite cycling kit will need a wash sooner or later! Fortunately, bike clothing is easy to wash to make it clean and fresh for your next ride. You have to pay some special attention when you wash your bike clothing due to the use of the unique fabrics it may contain. We want to give some general tips to clean it the right way to ensure you can enjoy it for a long time.

Tip 1 - Wash your new outfit by hand the first time

Just bought a new jersey? We get that you want to show it off and go for a ride. But before you go, we would recommend you give it a quick cold water rinse. Don’t use any liquid fabric softener, just a mild soap. This will ensure that the protective layers will last longer.

Tip 2 - Wash your clothing right after you went for a ride

If you come from after a ride and are tired, you don’t feel doing laundry right away. It is, however, essential to clean your favorite outfit right away to prevent any buildup of bacterial matter. So if you want to keep your cycling kit in excellent shape, we recommend to wash it right away. That way, you can wear them again the next day!

Tip 3 - Don’t use your dryer

Try to let your cycling clothing air dry next time. Use a hanger and hang it outside or inside at room temperature. This would also apply to your base layers. The best way to dry your cycling shorts and bibs is to lay them down flat. This will prevent any unnecessary stretching of the bib straps or other form-fitting materials. Don’t let any of your jerseys dry in bright sunlight as UV light may turn your red cycling jersey into a pink one over time. Due to the use of unique fabrics, bike clothing typically dries very quickly. Handy, as you can wear your favorite outfit the next day.

Tip 4 - Before your wash, make sure to close each zipper and use a delicates laundry bag.

To prevent any damage to your outfit during your wash, close each zipper and tie every velcro strip. Use a delicates laundry bag for your entire outfit will ensure your gear stays in great shape, will not get stretched, and will extend the use of your cycling kit considerably

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