2020 Pinarello Tee - Black Denim/1964 Team Pina Car

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Pinarello Tee. Black Denim/1964 Team Pina Car.

Pinarello casual are new fashions for 2020.  Giovanni Pinarello 1964 car, used to get around races back in the day.  The Black tee colorway is homage to the original Maglia Nera, or black jersey of the Giro d'Italia, Giovanni staked his place in history as the last placed rider, which was a badge of honor in those times.

Made of 100% Organic Cotton, the supersoft tee has a bit of texture for great character. Perfectly washed down for a weathered look and feel.

Size & Fit Slightly Fitted: Relaxed through the chest and sleeve, with a slightly slimmer waist.  Enzyme garment wash process gives it an exceptionally soft hand.  Versatile midweight construction.