Canadian cycling is our heritage.

Our love of cycling began in the ‘80s when our heroes raced brands like Bianchi and Almo in the Giro D’Italia, up and down mountains without helmets. The world has changed a lot since then, and perfecting the bicycle (and its rider) has become the new focus.

Among today’s high-efficiency bicycles that promise decreased weight and increased performance, iconic bicycle brands remind us of the simple muscle-burning joy that cycling brings; of riding outside in the elements to explore and the days before we used power meters to measure the quality of our ride.

Iconic bicycle designs are about more than function – they remind us that at the core, cycling means beauty, simplicity, and freedom – getting out to explore the local, natural beauty with a friend, and celebrating with an end-of-ride espresso on a cool autumn afternoon.

To share the kind of riding we love, we provide iconic bicycle brands and products that are difficult to source in Canada. We offer our expertise and support to make sure you get the bike and the experience you are seeking, no matter the terrain. We focus on sharing great knowledge and information to improve and grow the passion of cycling in Canada. 

Great Bike North - Iconic Brand Inspiration