Custom Bicycle Spoke Cutting and Threading Service

Our Phil Wood Spoke Cutting and Threading Machine is designed to manually size, cut, and place a factory-quality thread on a spoke. The thread is rolled/cold forged onto the spoke, which does not remove material as would occur if the thread were cut into the spoke.

The machine cuts and threads the spoke. It is designed to cut and thread 1.8 mm (15 ga.), 2.0 mm (14 ga.), 2.3 mm (13 ga.) and 2.6 mm (12 ga.) spokes and place 10 mm of 56 tpi thread on the end of each spoke.

Our machine is capable of cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, anodized, and powder coated spokes. Butted and aero spokes can be cut and threaded on the full diameter portion of the spoke. 

1 to 5 spokes - Cut, thread or re-thread - $8

6 to 34 spokes - Cut, thread or re-thread - $17

35 to 75 spokes - Cut, thread or re-thread - $20

You can supply the spokes or we can supply them. You are responsible for all shipping costs to our Calgary, Alberta location.

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