1. Less junk in the trunk to damage - choose those tighter more technical lines.

Dropping your bike, falling off and the occasional crash are part of mountain biking. Having a fragile derailleur hanging off the back end exposed to impacts is always a risk and sometimes a reality. The Pinion gearbox removes the derailleur and cassette which are most likely to break in a crash or bail. The bulk of the drivetrain is contained inside the gearbox and is protected from impacts.


2. Shifting performance through mud, dust and whatever the world throws at you.

It’s all on the inside. The Pinion gearbox is 100% internal, so it has no exposure to the elements and shifts seamlessly every time. Run of the mill derailleur and cassette systems shift poorly when things get muddy, wet and mucky. Unlike a derailleur, you can literally bathe your gearbox in mud and it will still function the same.


3. No need for regular maintenance or adjustments

There’s no denying that the majority of your bike maintenance is done on the drive train. No shifting adjustments or maintenance means you don’t have to worry whether or not your bike will shift properly when you pull it out for your next ride. No derailleur - No worries!


4. Save time and money replacing parts

There’s nothing that sucks the cash out of your wallet and the hours you could be riding, like having to replace drive train parts. Because the Pinion Gearbox is internal and super durable, it means your drive train components won’t need to be replaced regularly as they do with derailleur systems. The gearbox itself can be expected to reliably cover many tens of thousands of miles with only periodic oil changes. Effectively your Pinion gearbox drive train wears IN the more you ride.


5. You can shift instantly and without pedaling

Unlike derailleur systems, where the chain needs to clunk it’s way up and down a cassette one painful sprocket at a time to reach the new gear you want to select, the Pinion gearbox will engage the new gear as quickly as you can move your hand on the shifter. You can also shift without pedaling, giving you the freedom to instantaneously drop as many gears as you would like—through corners, while transitioning from a fast descent into a steep climb, or even while in the air. Essentially, you’re ALWAYS in gear. Never not.


6. Less chance of on-trail mechanicals

There’s nothing worse than being in the backcountry, or even on a local trail - your drive train lets you down and you either stuck on the side fixing it, wasting precious time, or you’re committing to a long walk out. With less external parts to potentially fail or get damaged, you can leave home and ride with the peace of mind that it’s all going to work.


7. Your chain/belt won’t fall off

Since the chain/belt on the Zerode drivetrain never leave the single front & rear sprockets, the belt stays exactly where it should be, even during the rowdiest descents.

Flying Taniwha

8. The ride will be quieter

The gearbox avoids nearly all of the noise of the chain bouncing around and hitting the frame.

Since 2001 Zerode has challenged the status quo of the mountain biking world, refined and defined how a trail or enduro bike should provide riders with a better riding experience.