Brand-X's Ascend Dropper Seatpost was so good they've decided to roll it out to the masses. The Ascend CX Dropper Seatpost is ideal for cyclocross, gravel, and road cyclists who feel the need to tweak their seatpost as they ride for customizable comfort. 

Smooth and Reliable Dropper Seatpost

 Operated easily via a paddle style remote on either side of your cockpit, the aluminum CX Dropper Seatpost is easily installed on bikes with internal cable routing. Cable actuated at the bottom of the dropper post via a linkage mechanism, the Brand-X dropper post eliminates cable pull/movement for a smooth and reliable performance. The Ascend Dropper Seatpost set the benchmark for reliability and performance at an excellent price point, a proud tradition that the Ascend CX Dropper Seatpost will carry on. Bar mounted paddle style remote lever and cable operated internal routing Linkage mechanism eliminates any outer cable pull Zero offset, one-piece head/upper shaft with micro adjust clamping mechanism Only compatible with internally routed bikes 

Length: 458mm 

Travel: 150mm 

Cable Length: 1.5m 

Finish: Sand blasted and hard anodized 

Warranty: 2 years


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