These tights are made of a water-repellent lycra that allows water to slide over the fiber without soaking it up and keep its breathable property which wicks away perspiration.

It is very effective against humidity or drizzle and protects you from cold down to 0°C.
Very plain, it was designed on request of some customers who want a discreet classic product (without any logo).

- Water-repellent treatment that makes the lycra waterproof against light rain and humidity
- Breathable : wicks away perspiration
- GEL shape memory padding adapted to your weight.

- Thermal SUPER ROUBAIX fiber (keeps the body at a constant temperature) wicks away perspiration and humidity quickly.
- Easy cleaning (mud/stains do not permeate the fiber)
- Fabrics made in Italy.


- Excellent thermal insulation for the body (protects against cold & humidity).
- Inside of the tights fully fleece lined , soft, warm, flexible & comfortable.
- Tights with elastic band + silicone for perfect support.
- Zippers at ankles for easy putting on/removing tights.
- Ergonomic preformed cut.
- Made in Italy.

  • Technology : WR
  • Temperatures : 0°

- Training or competition / road or mountain biking effective down to 0°C

- 100% polyester.

- Hand or machine wash at 30 °C maximum (we advise you to turn the tights inside out for washing)
- No dry cleaning
- No fabric softener
- No tumble dry
- No ironing

  Weight Max. recommended height
S < 66 kg 1.75 m
M 66-75 kg 1.78 m
L 76-83 kg 1.83 m
XL 84-90 kg 1.90 m
2XL > 90 kg 1.95 m


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