Merino wool has many natural qualities that no longer need to be demonstrated; the delicacy of its fiber combined with a unique softness and feeling of comfort is highly appreciated.
It regulates body temperature naturally to warm you up in winter and keep you cool in summer.

On this basis,, Ekoï has developed a new merino collection, a mixed fiber that combines natural properties of Merino (sweat evacuation) with the advantages of polyester (strength) and elastomer (elasticity) which will offer you an astonishing comfort and technicality perfectly suited to cycling.

Choose from 6 sober and elegant colors that will perfectly match your bike or equipment to combine style and performance.

- Merino wool fiber properties combined with polyester and elastomer.
- Excellent breathability
- Regulation of natural body temperature
- Naturally antibacterial

- Fiber composed of merino wool, polyester and elastomer
- Flat seams for more comfort
- Made in Italy

- Integral self-locking invisible zip : guaranteed strength and easy opening /closing.

- Elastic band and silicone insert on the back, sides and front of the jersey for excellent support.

- 3 classic pockets with elastic at the top for a perfect fit.

- Competition or training on the road-Wear in hot or cold weather
The merino wool regulates body temperature

- 41% Wool
- 51% Polyester
- 8% Elastomer

- Hand wash recommended or machine wash at 30° C.
- Before washing, turn the clothes inside out (seams on the outside)
- Wash if possible in a mesh bag to avoid friction with other products that could damage the fabrics (gloves, backpack or any other item that may have Velcro straps)
- No fabric softener
- No dryer
- No ironing.


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