Adding side-to-side movement to your indoor training sessions creates a sense of realism that simulates the balance required when riding. This will provide more comfort to your bottom during your long Zwift and other indoor training adventures; it will engage your core muscles for stability as you put the power down rocking with the bike. Indoor training doesn’t have to be static! 

The GBN RealRide is made from Baltic Birch with an anti-slip surface for getting on and off the bike. The board is set up for any direct drive or wheel-on bike trainer. We build the rocker plates in our shop located in Calgary, AB.

  • Any wheel on bike trainer
  • Any direct drive trainer
  • Tacx Neo, Flux, Booster & Satori
  • Wahoo Kickr, Core & Snap
  • Wahoo Kickr Climb
  • Xplova Noza S
  • Elite Crono Fluid, Turbo Muin & Qubo Digital
  • STERZO SMART, Elite steering plate

The GBN RealRide rocker plate's added benefit is that it relieves some of the bike frames' stress from long-term static training sessions.

  • Includes clamps and straps for fastening the bike trainer to the rocker plate 
  • Maximum 8-degree rotation tilt
  • Comfort In and Out of the Saddle
  • Standing Pedaling Motion Freedom
  • Reduce Frame Stress

Shipping Cost!!  Please note due to the size and weight of the board there is a $100 shipping fee. 

Bicycle trainer not included



GBN RealRide BIKE TRAINER ROCKER PLATE - Side to Side Movement

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