Heated winter shoe covers for winter cycling or fat biking.

This is the latest generation of heated shoe covers to fight against cold (down to -20 °). Designed specially by EKOI for  winter cycling .

The temperature control switch allows you to regulate the degree of heat & a charge indicator to manage your battery life.

- Efficient down to - 20 °.
- 3 temperature levels with adjustment switch :
- 1 pressure: RED LED 40 ° (autonomy of 1.5 hours maximum).
- 2 successive pressures LED ORANGE 35 ° (autonomy of 2.5 hours maximum).
- 3 successive GREEN LED 30 ° (autonomy of 4 hours maximum).

- Indicator for charge level of the battery
(4 red bars = 100%)
(3 red bars = 75%)
(2 red bars = 50%)
(1 red bar = 25%)

- 4 mm neoprene to effectively fight against cold & humidity.
- Closure at cuffs with 4 mm neoprene insert (to avoid cold & humidity in).
- Easy to put on or take off. (See video)


M (40/41/42)

L (43/44 /45)

XL (45/46/47)

- Effective down to - 20 °

We advise you to preheat your cover shoes in GREEN mode without putting them on for 3 minutes before going so that your feet are warm during your trip.

Press + 3 seconds to turn the heater on/off

In the middle of your trip switch to ORANGE mode (heating a little more intense than the GREEN mode) & at the end of the trip when you feel that the foot temperature is lower switch to RED mode to finish your training and keep your feet warm .

Upon your return, charge your batteries.

In case of heavy rain, we advise you not to use the heating system.

- To wear with a pair of sock EKOI winter THERMOLITE (fiber stores heat)

- Put the cover shoes on the foot before putting on the shoe, then put the shoe on and put the shoe cover on the shoe. (See video)

- 4 mm neoprene effective against cold & humidity
- Velcro closing
- Reflective insert on the back
- Self-locking zipper for the battery compartment
- Velcro closure under the sole for easy slip of the shoe cover
- Fore foot reinforced .
- Openings for cleats and heel with reinforcement.
- Removable rechargeable batteries (Comes with main charger).

- 3 sizes: M (40/41/42) L (43/44/45) and XL (45/46/47)
- Removable rechargeable batteries (Supplied with main charger).

CAUTION: USE ONLY THE CHARGER supplied with the product to charge your batteries. We do not accept any liability for failure to comply with this rule.
- 2 year warranty on cover shoes & batteries.

92% polyester & 8% elastane.

- INPUT AC100 / 240V charger (50 / 60Hz-1.0A)
- OUTPUT DC8.4V / 1200 mA charger
- 7.4 V lithium polymer batteries: LI -PO 2200 ah
- DCP: DC 8,4V 1200mA
- MAX output power 15W

To ensure maximum battery life, the batteries must be fully charged & stored in a dry place at room temperature.

For the maintenance we advise you cleaning with a cloth & a wet sponge after removing the batteries.

Do not use a washing machine.

Use instructions :

- In case of rain we do not recommend using the heating system.

1) It is necessary to fully charge the batteries before the first use

- Plug in the charger (the charging LED lights GREEN)

- Then connect the 2 batteries to the charger, the charging starts automatically and the charging light stays on during charging. (The LED turns RED this indicates that your batteries need to be charged)


2) The charging time is approximately 2 to 4 hours depending on the charge level of the battery.

- When the battery is fully charged, the charging stops automatically and the LED of the charge indicator turns GREEN.


3) Disconnect the batteries from the charger & reconnect the batteries to the cover shoe connector, place each battery in the designated slots and close the pouch correctly.


4) Press + for 3 seconds to switch the heating system on or off.

- TURN on your cover shoes without putting them on for 3 minutes before going so that the cover shoes warm up & your feet are perfectly protected from the cold during your ride.

- We advise you to start your output in GREEN mode & switch to ORANGE then RED mode as you feel that the outside temperature drops.



- In case of rain we do not recommend using the heating system.

- DO NOT LOAD HEAT CONCEPT items with ANY OTHER charger than the one supplied.

- DO NOT INSERT metal or other objects into connectors or receptacles as this may damage HEAT CONCEPT articles.

- DO NOT BRING modifications to HEAT CONCEPT products (gloves or shoe covers).

- NEVER remove the protective film from the batteries

- you risk an explosion if the polymer batteries are not handled properly. We decline all responsibility in case of non-compliance with these rules.



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