The Great Bike North Mountain Bike Gift Box has fantastic products at an amazing price. This box makes an excellent gift for the mountain bike enthusiast.  Is this a perfect gift for you?  Go ahead... Treat yo' self!

The box contains:

1 Nukeproof branded tee shirt 100% soft cotton tee with bold Nukeproof logos letting everyone know you're a mountain biking guru.

1 Ground Keeper fender that keeps your face clean and keeps you smiling longer.

1 Nukeproof 750ml water bottle to keep you hydrated.

1 Ground Keeper top cap to add a piece of flair to your mountain bike cockpit.

1 Nukeproof Lock-on handlebar grips with lockrings on either end are going nowhere; even as you throw yourself into the berms and land the biggest jumps, these grips will maintain a secure connection with the bar... and they look hella good. 

1 Nukeproof Gear Strap.  Carry your spare tube, jacket and tools with this ultimate accessory you didn't know you needed but won't be able to live without.

Add Ons

Customize your Great Bike North Mountainn Bike Gift Box and, more importantly, your mountain bike! Your add on options are:

1 pair of Nukeproof Horizon Pro DH Flat pedals gives you the ideal fatigue resistance and strength balance with a minimum weight penalty. These flat mountain bike pedals have a large platform with adjustable pins and angled edges to aid deflection from rock or root strikes.

1 Nukeproof Tubeless Tire Repair Kit doubles up as a storage capsule and houses 5x 1.5mm plugs and 5x 3.5mm plugs for repairing holes and punctures in tubeless tires. Weighing only 50g, it is super light and easy to carry and pack away in your backpack as you ride. Plus, the tool capsule doubles up as a handle for the plug insertion tool and even has some extra space inside for storing a pair of quick links for your chain.




Mountain Bike Gift Box - Fall 2021

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