This freehub body is engineered for directly replacing the freehub body that comes with Nukeproof Horizon V2 hubs. It features a hard-wearing alloy construction, which makes it ideal at handling all the abuse that's associated with fast and intense MTB rides. Perfect for replacing your old or worn-out existing freehub body, it allows for quick and easy installation.

Please Note: This freehub is only compatible with Nukeproof Horizon V2 hubs.


Shimano HG

Shimano Microspline


A new hub seal and bushing is supplied with Nukeproof freehubs.

Microspline freehubs also include the driveside end cap so you can easily convert an HG / XD hub to microspline.

If you are converting a microspline hub to XD or HG, you will also require a new driveside end cap.


Installation Instructions:

1. Remove driveside end cap

2. Pull off the old freehub turning anticlockwise as you pull

3. Check hub seal for damage, if it is damaged remove the seal

4. If seal was removed, press on new seal

5. Apply grease hub ratchet ring

6. Apply thin grease to freehub pawls & springs then push onto hub shell turning anticlockwise

7. Refit driveside end cap


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