This MTB rim is constructed from a special blend of alloys, which give it a similar hardness to 7-series alloy but with the ductility and yield properties of a 6-series. This means that you'll benefit from the best of both worlds as you blast across the mountain. Nukeproof has also equipped this model with a micro-shotpeened and anodised finish, which gives it an extra layer of resistance against corrosion and wear. As a result, you'll enjoy being able to shred the trails in all weather conditions, without worrying about the elements damaging your gear.

Nukeproof has ensured that their front and rear rim profiles are the same but due to the rear rim being more likely to take most of the hits, they have used a thicker sidewall for added strength. The front rim has a thinner sidewall, which allows for excellent weight savings and a perfect balance between strength and weight. If you want some extra security, or if you want to save some more weight, there is no problem using a pair of front or rear rims.

Rim Width: Inner: 30mm; External: 35mm; Rim Height: 21.6mm

Option ERD Weight
27.5" Front 554.5 460g +/- 5%
27.5" Rear 554.3 490g +/- 5%
29" Front 592.5 510g +/- 5%
29" Rear 592.3 540g +/- 5%


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